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Lindsay Meyers 17.06.198                         Bernard Van Den Bergen 03.07.2009 *
Wally Wright 23.02.1982                                           Bruce Hartshorn 03.07.2009
Les Barton 25.04.1984                                                       Nigel Jones  19.06.2010
Murdoch Campbell 07.06.1985                                       Ron Goward 19.06.2010 *
Fred Stolz 25.04.1989                                                Marjorie Goward 19.06.2010 *

Neville Berry 11.02.1992                                                    Gina Morris 10.08.2011                              
Ralph Pirozzo 11.02.1992                                                Ashley Broad 15.02.2012 **                     
Harry Bird 18.08.1983                                                  Colleen Caruana 15.02.2012 **                               

Evan Smith 05.10.1993                                            Bruce Hartshorn  15.02.2012 **                                 
Ashley Broad 22.02.1994                                      Frances Hollywood 15.02.2012 *                        
Hamish Lees 22.02.1994                                             Lorraine Jeffery 15.02.2012 *     
Mick Martin 22.02.1994                                                     Andrew Lim 15.02.2012                      
Rob Fitzwalter 30.03.1994                                                   Allan Male 15.02.2012 **                              
Ken Peters 10.10.1994                                                      Doug Morris 15.02.2012  *                                 
John Collyer 31.01.1995                                                     Ken Peters   15.02.2012 **                    
Rex Fulton 13.03.1996                                                      Dale Streten  15.02.2012 *
Anthony O’Keefe 10.09.1996                                                Fred Stolz 15.02.2012 *
Serge Paggario 30.09.1996                        Bernard Van Den Bergen 15.02.2012 **
Ron Mabb 19.09.1997                                                    
Charles Mildwaters 18.12.1998                                     Garry Gibson  06.06.2013

Robert Wood 18.12.1998                                             Matthew Roue  06.06.2013
Allan Osmond 15.05.1999                                                   
Sue Broad  22.06.2014 *
Norma Shoobert 06.10.1999                                              John Lloyd  05.07.2015
Gavin Jeffery 04.07.2001                                               
 Laura Van Zyl  05.07.2015
Brian Shoobert 04.07.2001   

Bill Simmich 04.07.2001                                                  Col O'Brien    17.06.2016                                                                                                                       Chris Poole    17.06.2016

Sue Broad 03.07.2002                                                    Doug Morris   29.06.2016 **

Narelle Peters 03.07.2002                                              Ruth Butler    26.10.2016
Marjorie Goward 10.07.2004   
Ron Goward 10.07.2004                                                  Col O'Brien    06.06.2018 *
Lorraine Jeffery 10.07.2004                                               

David Taylor 10.07.2004                                                   John Lloyd   12.12.2018 *

Doug Morris 12.12.2004                                          Colleen Caruana 12.12.2018 ***
Dale Streten 02.07.2005                                      Frances Hollywood 12.12.2018 **
Bernard van den Bergen 02.07.2005       Bernard van den Bergen 12.12.2018 ***
Tom Gorman 30.06.2006                                                Dale Streten 12.12.2018 **

Stephen Pronk 30.06.2007                                            Garry Gibson 12.12.2018 *

Clare Woods (Ambass Scholar) 18.07.2007                      Fred Stolz 12.12.2018 **

Professor Matt Trau 14.11.2007

Frances Hollywood 28.06.2008                                    Renate Gibson 23.6.2019

Sylvia Van Maarseveen 25.02.2009                     Carmel Reithmuller 28.6.2019

Dot Newsom 25.02.2009                                          Ossama El-Saadi  08.12.2019                 

Arthur Miller 25.02.2009                                                        
Jim Herron 25.02.2009                                                        Jerry Smith 2021     

Sue Turner 13.05.2009                                                      Debra El-Saadi 2021     

Tom Gorman 03.07.2009 *                                          Andreas Kressibucher 2021         


* Denotes Sapphire Pin

** Denotes Double Sapphire Pin​

*** Denotes Triple Sapphire Pin




Born in Racine, Wisconsin and raised in Vermont by his grandparents, Paul was the Rotary movement founder.
In 1897 he settled in Chicago and established a law practice. However, he missed the close social relationships typical of small towns. Paul developed an idea for a club which would band together business and professional men in friendship and fellowship.

On February 23, 1905, the Rotary Club’s first meeting took place in Room 711 in Chicago’s Unity Building (now where Block 37 stands). Paul named the club “Rotary” because the members met, in rotation, at their various places of business.
The idea caught on, first in other U.S. cities and then in other countries.


In 1957, the Rotary Foundation launched the Paul Harris Fellowship in memory of the founder as an expression of appreciation for those who have contributed to the Foundation's humanitarian and educational programs.

A contribution of US$1,000 is made to the Rotary Foundation in the name of each individual to be honored.  The recipients receive a pin, medallion and certificates that identify them as advocates of the Foundation's goals of world peace and understanding.

After more than forty years, recognition as a Paul Harris Fellow remains a respected and prestigious honour for Rotarians and non-Rotarians alike

Today there are over 32,000 clubs in more than 200 countries with over 1.2 million members. In 100 years, one man’s idea has become a worldwide phenomenon.

Listen to Paul Harris...

This is a recording of Paul P. Harris' speech to the Boston Convention in 1933, marking Rotary's 28th anniversary. Members from over 40 countries attended.

This MP3 recording is truncated, however, but you can still hear about 3 minutes of Paul Harris' voice.

He talked about the 2 unique features of Rotary: the "classification" plan, which limited membership to one per line of trade or profession; and (2) the provision that membership is open to anyone qualified, without regard to racial, political or religious standards. So Rotary is open to representatives from all walks of life, from all countries, from all religions.

                     Click to hear Paul Harris.

ashley and carmel PHF.jpg

Carmel Reithmuller from Chameleon Youth Housing receives a Paul Harris Fellow (PHF) award from Rotarian Ashley Broad.

renate phf.jpg

Renate Gibson receives a PHF award from Past President Jerry Smith

29B .JPG

John Lloyd receives his PHF award from Jerry Smith

          2021 PHF recipients 

Jerry Smith, Debra El-Saadi, Andreas Kressibucher

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